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Equal Representation for Actresses

Equal means 50:50

A new ERA for actresses

Our mission is a simple one. We want to see women represented on screen, in television and theatre in equal numbers to men.

Equal means 50:50

Currently women are systemically under represented. This does not accurately reflect our society.
It distorts our view of the real world.

Our vision

Our campaign is to require the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and all other major broadcasters to implement an equal gender balance across their drama and comedy slates by 2020. We ask that casting and creative decisions made by commissioners and programme makers are held up to a basic requirement of a 50:50 gender balance across their content yearly.

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Why is this important?

Because we are here, you just can’t see us!

Culture holds up a mirror to society. The lack of female faces distorts that image and the message it sends out has a detrimental effect on all of us. We have a responsibility to future generations to repair that imbalance. It is due in part to unmonitored industry practises that have run unchecked for decades and does not stand up to scrutiny in 2016.

Our membership is diverse and representative.

However, can we honour diversity if women as an entire gender are treated as a minority issue?  We are over 51% of the population.

Latest News


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